Scourged in Stone

“The weary spirit cannot
withstand fate,
nor does a rough or sorrowful mind
do any good.
Thus those eager for glory
often keep secure
dreary thoughts
in their breast.
So, I,
often wretched and sorrowful,
bereft of my homeland,
far from noble kinsmen,
have had to bind in fetters
my inmost thoughts,
Since long years ago,
I hid my lord
in the darkness of the earth…”

~“The Wanderer”

Bridgette wants to take revenge against the traitor who murdered her family and drove her into exile. The traitor wants her ancient amulet known as Taryn’s Tear, which obeys the bearer’s will; she hopes to destroy it before his murderous hands can touch it. Yet all the scholars tell her the only way to destroy this power is to bring an Annesard–one of the chosen defenders–to the sacred temple and have him read the cursed words of destruction. Of course, no True Annesard would dare curse in a temple. Not to mention, the scholars all agree that destroying the Tear will kill whomever utters the curse. She won’t tell any of that to the man she recruits, of course. Let him think it’s some great quest to restore his family’s honor.

She doesn’t count on the Annesard’s foolish apprentice coming along. Nor does foresee her growing admiration for them both.

Bridgette’s unholy quest is her only chance for redemption…but is her revenge worth another man’s life?

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“Annesard” is a compilation of two Anglo-saxon words: “Annes” meaning “oneness; unity; a covenant” and “eard” meaning “native soil.” To have some fun translating modern words into Old English, try the Old English Translator!

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The Assyrian Empire was once considered the greatest empire in the world…until it grew too large and too wealthy for its own good. The history of this empire serves as an inspiration for the declining Marashi empire in my book. To learn more about the Assyrians, click here.